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Having studied in and graduated from the Taiwan National Chiao Tung University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language and Literature, Justicia is well-equipped with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Western literature, languages and cultural differences. This has allowed her to move past cultural boundaries and be able to engage with clients easily and effectively through friendly yet professional interactions and through which, assist them efficiently with their translation requests.

As an Account Executive, Justicia is dedicated to providing the best support for her clients and their projects, and thus does her utmost best to ensure that her translation projects are executed correctly and smoothly to meet her client’s deadlines and requirements. Her sociable and inquisitive nature makes her easily approachable, and hence be able to establish and sustain strong working relationships with her clients, as well as translators in ELITE ASIA .

  translation and interpretation services in Australia

As an independent and task-oriented person, Justicia is a valuable part of the ELITE ASIA family who will continue to do her best in providing quality sales and service support to our clients even as ELITE ASIA expands its regional presence.

For more information on how our service can benefit your business, do drop us a note via our web form or call us at our office at +61 2800 75556 today.

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With the fast growth of Asian economics and the progress of globalization, TRANSLATION SERVICES in Australia is increasingly demanded. A multilingual strategy can facilitate the international brand reputation for the company, which will turn out to develop new market and generate more revenue. With major Asian markets such as China, India, Indonesia and so on, the benefits surpass only targeting the domestic market simply. Since translation text represents the image of company, which is the first impression on the potential customers, it is important to select experienced agencies or translators to undertake this task.

Here at Elite Asia, we have a huge number of qualified translators, who have provided TRANSLATION SERVICES in Australia for at least years in different field. Whatever field your business is in, we can find the most proper translator to help you build an attractive company image to open up a new market. We promise only taking projects which we are familiar with and confident in, in order to ensure the quality of our TRANSLATION SERVICES in Australia. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our TRANSLATION SERVICES in Australia at +61 2800 75556 or feel free to use our web form .

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