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Elite Interpreters Asia Pte. Ltd provide reliable and cost effective PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS AND SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING EQUIPMENT RENTAL SERVICES to Asia’s MICE industry. Our team of trained and experience conference interpreters are able to provide simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or whispering interpreting in various industries such as (but not limited) to business, medical & pharmaceuticals, foreign relations and diplomacy, legal and trade. Importantly, our CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS are responsive, astute and equipped with the required business etiquette and language for the likes of large conference with multilingual audience. Providing language-related services in Australia is our forte. Our understanding and expertise in navigating the myriad of multicultural audiences -- especially in the modern metropolitan Asian melting pot – is what our clients depend on. our high quality DIGITAL SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING EQUIPMENT RENTAL SERVICE will provide you with flexible and convenient services as a one-stop language service provider, when you need interpretation done efficiently and effortlessly en masse. Call us to find out how you can trust us to establish your business in good standing.

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Hong Yin Yin
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As TRANSLATION SERVICES IN AUSTRALIA mature as a highly regarded professional service, it is inevitable that a few bad apples would attempt to make a few quick bucks by cutting corners and provide questionable translation services. Thus, we at ELITE ASIA would not take on projects that we are not confident in delivering with the quality required or is not qualified to take on. For more information on our translations capabilities, call us at +61 2800 75556 or use our web form .

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