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* Below are only some of our translators’ profiles that are part of a team of more than 500 translators, interpreters, linguists and copywriters.

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    • Tamer has accumulated a vast experience in translation practices from English to Arabic over the past eight years. Possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Arts from the Faculty of..

    • Born in Sichuan, China, Helen migrated to Guangzhou more than 10 years ago. Holding a Double Degree (Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Economics) from the South China Normal…

    • Born in 1979, year zero in the Cambodiann history, after the collapse of the Pol Pot regime, Saratt was brought up in an average family, where both parents are in the medical…

    • She holds a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy from International Islamic University, Malaysia. Had 13 years working experience in MNC such Sheraton Imperial .... ...

    • Hisyam holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (majoring in International Business with Finance) from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Hisyam has more than 14 years …

    • With a positive outlook and keen to accomplish success, Jamina valued the importance of studies. After completing her scholarship term in a selective Senior High School,…

    • An Electrical Engineer by profession, Mita is a linguist at heart. Born into a family history of writers and poets, she is also the great grand-daughter of the Royal Court Poet of ..

    • Prior to getting her Master degree in Public Policy at National University of Australia, Thuan Hai was formally trained to be a business translator and interpreter during her undergraduate .....

We are always on the lookout for talented PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS with great attitudes and dedication to providing quality translations. CLICK HERE to submit your curriculum vitae and be part of a team that looks to building mutually rewarding relationships.

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As a language and translation services provider, we are often asked on what it takes to be an exceptionally good professional translator. Our candid answer would be that professional translators must first be fluently bilingual. The fluency or their language pair must be that they are able to read, write and speak at the proficiency level of an experienced native speaker. Being fluent bilingually is only but the first step in being PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS. Like all other well-regarded professions, PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS must aim to master their linguistic skills and keep themselves updated consistently.

Additionally, experienced PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS would usually choose to specialize in translating for a specific industry. Their specialty may be from legal, medical, engineering or marketing. It is often dangerous to commission a professional translator that specializes in translating legal contracts to translate content for the medical industry. When selecting PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS for your translations, be wary of those that claim they are able to translate all types of content from different industries. Jack-of-all-trades is usually a master of none.

In ELITE ASIA, we apply stringent criteria when it comes to choosing PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS for different types of industry content. Our utmost priority is to ensure they are more than qualified to take on projects according to their area of specialty. With carefully chosen PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS, we are then assured to stake our reputation on them and deliver quality translations that seem to be translated by people from “inside” the industry.

Feel free to request from us the curriculum vitae of our PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATORS. Call us at +61 2800 75556 or use our web form and we will be most happy to oblige.

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